Life In Outer Space

Hi guys! Back again with another review. Today I will be reviewing a book called Life In Outer Space by Melissa Keil. This book is about a boy named Sam who is a geek and is completely fine with it. Then comes Camilla Carter who changes his whole life forever.


My book review:

  • The Sam character is very interesting.
  • I love his film references especially his top 10 lists.
  • His friends are hilarious.
  • Loved his friends Mike and Adrian
  • I like how Mike came out casually to his friends and they don’t mind it or make a really big deal about it.
  • I disliked Justin at the beginning but when Camilla came in, he became tolerable in the middle and at the end.
  • I like how Camilla can seamlessly talk to anyone and everyone at the school and doesn’t mind how she appears to people.
  • I also like how she is big in the music industry but isn’t like a show-off when it comes to it.
  • I felt bad for Sam and his storyline with his split parents but it was nice for Sam to resolve the strained relationship between him and his dad
  • And in return, his dad gave him some good advice for his situation with Allison in the middle of the story.
  • I loved the costumes they were wearing at the end, especially Sam’s stormtrooper outfit.
  • It’s quite interesting to see the familial relationship between Camilla and her band friends although they’re quite older than her.
  • Adrian is so freaking funny and a great friend to both Sam and Mike like when Justin calls Mike a gay boy at the beginning, Adrian is ready to defend him.
  • I like that Sam invited Allison to the prom with him and they are still good friends despite the awkward situation between them earlier in the story and it’s refreshing to see a boy and girl friend dynamic that doesn’t automatically turn into a romantic relationship.
  • Sam and Camilla on the other hand, are an interesting dynamic. Sam meets Camilla and isn’t immediately attracted to her but is interested in her interests and points of view about the world. The same with Camilla as she appreciates Sam and his friends as they aren’t being friends with her just so they can get the numbers of celebrities and instead are just cool people to hang out with.
  • The end is something you would definitely see in a rom-com and it’s quite funny that Sam although he’s not into rom-coms, he has a rom-com style ending to his relationship with Camilla which turns from strangers to friends to boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • Camilla’s outfits were so cute!!!
  • I really liked that Mike found a guy he likes.
  • Mike’s plot with the karate center was really nice and it was good to see the resolution of that plot and how it related to Mike’s future at the end.
  • It was interesting to see Allison’s relationship with her brothers and how they go see movies.
  • It would’ve been nice to see a bit more into Adrian’s family life.
  • I can relate to Sam’s struggle with writing his screenplays and trying to write a great story and discarding them after one go.
  • Sam’s way of trying to get Mike to open up about his troubles was sweet in mind but bad and painful in execution. But in the end he’s a really great friend.

Overall this was a sweet book and I loved the cover. 

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Metal Fish, Falling Snow


Hey guys, it’s been a long time since I made another blog post but here I am! Today I’m going to review a book called Metal Fish, Falling Snow. It’s an Australian-based book by Cath Moore. It’s about a girl named Dylan whose mother just recently died and she is left in the care of the mum’s boyfriend Pat. Both of them go on a journey together through outback Australia to meet her other family. Through this journey, she rediscovers her identity and her complicated relationship with Pat.


My (mini) book review:

  • I think this is one of the only two books I’ve read that’s solely based in Australia but I still loved it.
  • It was really interesting to see Dylan’s perspective and how she sees the world through her eyes even though it gets her in trouble most of the time.
  • I can see that she really loves her mother and misses her a lot through flashbacks of her time together with her mom.
  • It was intriguing to see the contrast between how Dylan and Pat see things and Pat often thinks her way of seeing things is unique. 
  • I really liked the character of Marge and I wished we could’ve seen her more with Dylan and her mum. 
  • Pat definitely had a rough past with his father which Dylan tries to investigate and find more about which I really liked and it shows that she really cares about him and wants to make things right. 
  • I like the transition between Dylan and the little kid from strangers to close friends as they have a secret language of their own and their own little routine that they built in the middle of the story. 

Overall this was a great book and it had an interesting depth to it as well. 

Comment down below which part of the book was your favourite and what character you liked! 

The Magic Misfits 4


Hi guys! I am back after quite a while to review the 4th and final installment of The Magic Misfits series- “The Magic Misfits 4 The Fourth Suit” written by Neil Patrick Harris. 

In this thrilling finale, we get 2 plots- another glimpse of another misfit named Ridley Larsen and the other is the appearance of Kalagan, a villain they come face to face with finally. 

Whole Summary:

1st plot- Kalagan’s Appearance In Mineral Wells (finally!)

The misfits encounter trouble from Kalagan in the form of mesmerised attacks, specifically from the townspeople and who has been moving in the shadows in Mineral Wells. 

2nd plot- A glimpse into Ridley Larsen’s life

In this book, we get to see a sneak peek into what Ridley Larsen’s life is like from her personality to her parents. 



My book review:

1st plot

  • I love that we now get to see more of Kalagan’s appearance and his motivations in his attacks. 
  • I was intrigued by his method of attack- using people’s darkest secrets to manipulate them in order to attack the misfits or specifically coerce them into joining him. 
  • It was interesting that each misfit got attacked in a way that was different and that it corresponds with their lives. 
  • I love the dads. That’s it. I just love their relationship. It’s healthy and wholesome and they support each other. And the way they hold each other. It is beautiful. 🥰🥺
  • Oh. My. God. The plot twists in this one. It’s surprising how I didn’t figure this out. 
  • Like Kalagan is actually Carter’s Uncle Sly?? That is just. Wow. 
  • I was as surprised as Carter and the misfits. 😱😱
  • I was kinda surprised that the uncle followed Carter to Mineral Wells. And he looked different than I expected. 
  • A nice and neat ending to Kalagan’s reign of terror.

2nd plot

  • It’s amusing how Ridley shows her teacher Ms. Parkly a magic trick and she’s amazed like a little kid. 
  • I was surprised when I found out that Ms. Parkly was a secret guardian of Ridley and that each of the Misfit’s guardians was someone they knew as a friend.
  • It was interesting to know about Mrs. Larsen’s profession
  • I love how the book includes all forms of schooling such as traditional and non-traditional like Carter and Ridley go to a public school, Theo goes to a private school, Olly and Izzy go to school at the Grand Oak and Ridley does homeschooling. 
  • It was terrible when that librarian who was supposedly “mesmerised” ruined her invention which took her a long time to build. 
  • I admire Ridley’s knack for invention building and I wish I could stand up for myself the way Ridley does for herself when talking to the misfits. 
  • I did get suspicious at Ms. Parkly like how Ridley did because she knew nothing much about her except that she was her new teacher. 
  • I loved that the Misfits had a private welcome back/congrats show for Ridley’s invention fair. 
  • It’s intriguing how Ridley manages to stay calm when talking or arguing with the misfits. She’s trying to see their perspectives. I get it.
  • It’s cool how she has a lab of her own to do her inventions in and it’s kinda like her own personal space.
  • I love that she customised her wheelchair to include gadgets to defend herself, etc.
  • I really love that the story includes people who are disabled but still be able to have a story of their own that doesn’t always revolve around their disability.
  • It’s interesting how every time one of the misfits suggests they go to the adults, Ridley’s like nah we shouldn’t
  • I also love how Ridley’s personal arc in the story is something you can relate to as a kid.
  • It was really sweet and personal the way the story wrapped up Ridley and her mum’s understanding of each other.
  • I love their mother-daughter relationship at the end and that they bonded a lot over the course of the story. ❤️

Overall this was a great book and it created a fantastic ending for the Magic Misfits. It had a nice family aspect to it as well as the main plot. 

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Pride + Prejudice + Zombies


Wassup guys! I’m back to review a graphic novel which is called “Pride + Prejudice + Zombies” which is based on the novel by Jane Austen & Seth Grahame- Smith, adapted by Tony Lee, and illustrated by Cliff Richards. 

Whole Summary:

It’s about the Bennet girls, their family, and their journey through the zombie apocalypse. 

My book review:

  • I love Elizabeth Bennet and her character in the story. She has such a strong, fearless, intelligent personality and takes no crap from anyone. 
  • I love that her sisters call her Lizzie. 
  • I love the enemies to lovers trope in this book between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. 
  • I love the gory images of them killing the zombies. 
  • I felt bad for Charlotte who admitted to Elizabeth that she got bitten by a zombie and is now infected but it’s bittersweet that she wants to spend her last months with her husband before turning. 
  • I like that Mr. Darcy redeemed himself in the middle of the book.
  • When Lady Catherine De Bourgh made her first appearance I thought she was a little too proud of herself for being the greatest female zombie slayer in Britain and was a little hesitant of Elizabeth’s fighting skills. Afterwards at the end of the book Elizabeth and Lady Catherine had a duel because of Lady Catherine’s insults towards Elizabeth’s family and supposed inferiority. 
  • To be honest I would also be angry and challenge her to a duel. Thankfully she ends the duel for her dignity. 
  • I love that the sisters care so much for each other and support each other in their endeavors. 
  • I absolutely love that they did a retelling of the book with zombies and they incorporated it into a movie along with the original Pride and Prejudice novel and movie.
  • I like that they trained in the deadly arts and they’re not your typical girly princesses. 
  • I like that they call zombies as “unmentionables” or “dreadfuls” or call the event “the strange plague”.
  • I loved all the plotlines in the book as it was all related to each other in a big or small way. 

Overall this book was great to read and I love the pictures!!

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Chemical Hearts


Hi guys! It is now 2021 and I’m here to review a book for the start of 2021 which is called Chemicals Hearts by Krystal Sutherland and which is a movie as well.

Whole Summary:

It’s about this boy named Henry Page who wants to experience heart-stopping, breathtaking love at first sight. However a new student and girl comes into his high school named Grace Town who Henry falls for but isn’t your typical girl crush. She wears oversized boy clothes, carries a cane and smells like she hasn’t showered. After they both meet in the newspaper room where both of them write for the school’s newspaper they start a relationship which is raw, complicated and unique. 

My book review:

  • I love Henry’s friends Lola and Murray and their friendship together.
  • I love that Grace is labeled as an enigma throughout the book and she has interesting quirks.
  • I like that we see all of this through Henry’s eyes and his perspective on all the people in his life.
  • His sister Sadie was hilarious and it was interesting and insightful to listen to what she had to say to Henry about his supposed parents being an “in love” married couple and the obstacles they faced.
  • I love the communication that Henry has with his parents. The dialogue was great and I found myself laughing at it.
  • Lola’s personality is amazing and I love her friendship with Henry and that she keeps him grounded and makes sure his judgement isn’t clouded when he begins a relationship with Grace.
  • Murray on the other hand is also amazing and his hardcore Australian side.
  • I love that he has inside jokes with his friends and that he has known them for a long time and has an individual past with both of them.
  • I like that Grace shows Henry her secret hideout and her feeding the koi fish and he does as well.
  • It was quite interesting to see that Henry could only talk well when he’s writing and Grace can talk well when she’s talking and it creates an interesting mirror or parallel moment between them.
  • I liked the part where Henry, Sadie, Lola and Murray went on a secret mission to see where Grace had always gone after she drops off Henry at his house which turns to be a graveyard where later in the book, Henry finds out it’s the grave of Dominic.
  • It was quite fascinating to read about Lola’s opinion of Grace and how she first assumed she was an MPDG, a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, a girl meant to fix someone preferably a boy who’s troubled in some way and I had to search it up to be honest and I get why she said that.
  • It was so sad to read in the climax that she had a previous boyfriend named Dominic who she loved so much and that they were both in a car crash and only she survived.
  • It was emotional reading the part where Henry stumbles onto the fact that she still lives with Dominic’s parents, in their house and that she sleeps in his bedroom, wearing his clothes.
  • It was thrilling to read the part where Grace is missing one day and Dominic’s parents are really worried and Henry knows where she’s gone and when he goes down to the koi pond he sees Grace in a white dress and she’s standing inside the pond and Henry tells Grace that she is suffering from survivor’s guilt as she cannot bear with the loss of Dominic and that she thinks she’s the one that should’ve died since she was the one who caused it, and not him. Also when she said that they were going to marry one day, that was quite cute.
  • Grace wasn’t an MPDG in my opinion. She was just broken literally by her limp from her leg and metaphorically as she cannot move on from the death of her boyfriend.
  • Grace’s mom was mostly absent in the book due to alcohol/drugs etc but we did get a glimpse of her in the middle and now I get why Grace wanted to live with her boyfriend.
  • Other than the main plot, we did get to see some fun parts like the school parts such as the school newspaper getting published, Henry, Grace and his friends just hanging out in his basement, new friends, relationship problems with the friends and the classes.
  • I really like that they added LGBTQIA representation in the book such as Lola’s sexuality as a lesbian.
  • It was heartbreaking to read the part where Henry is watching Grace on the school field trying to walk without her cane but she can’t and she screams in anger. It really made the part emotional.

My movie review:

  • The movie did follow the book mostly with some differences but did keep the original plot which is good.
  • Grace was played by Lili Reinhart a phenomenal actress and Henry was played by Austin Abrams a phenomenal actor.
  • Grace has a limp both in the book and the movie and one suggestion I could make is to actually hire an actress with a limp to make it authentic but no offense to Lili, she did amazing.
  • The movie itself was amazing and it captured the emotions of both Henry and Grace when they were in a relationship.

Overall this book was really good and I enjoyed it a lot. The book cover looked so pretty and a bit minimalistic with the fishes on it. 

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the Help


Hi guys! I’m back to review a book which is called the Help by Kathryn Stockett

Whole Summary:

It’s about three women named Aibileen, Skeeter and Minny. Aibileen’s a black maid who’s raising her 17th white child and is nursing the hurt caused by her own son’s tragic death. Minny is also a black maid whose cooking is nearly as sassy as her tongue. Skeeter is a white woman who comes back home from college and wants to know why her beloved maid has disappeared. All 3 of them however each have a story to tell and no one would believe they were friends. This story is about all 3 of their paths becoming intertwined and together they have an amazing story to tell….

My book review:

  • I love how one encounter from Miss Skeeter to Aibileen could result in her writing her own experiences aka her story and her telling everyone she knows that they have a once in a lifetime opportunity to tell their story and possibly change the perspective of the town they live in.
  • Minny is suspicious at first and doesn’t trust Skeeter at first but considers the offer at hand a bit in the middle of the book and takes a leap of faith at it.
  • I love how Minny and Skeeter’s relationship has grown from strangers to acquaintances to friends. It warms my heart and I love their little convos and Minny’s remarks to Skeeter.
  • I could say that Aibileen’s personality is calm, respectful, sweet, and nurturing to her white child Mae Mobley.
  • Minny’s is brash, feisty, and confident.
  • Skeeter’s is more reserved, opinionated, determined, and independent.
  • I love Mae Mobley’s personal attachment to Aibileen and I especially love that Aibileen tells her about the difference and similarities between black and white people in the form of a story and that Mae doesn’t feel threatened by Aibileen at all.
  • I love the perspectives of all the characters in the book especially Aibileen, Minny, and Skeeters.
  • It was so sad to read about Aibileen’s backstory and her son’s devastating death.
  • I was fascinated by Minny’s family and her interactions with her husband and her children.
  • I absolutely love Aibileen and Minny’s friendship and that they can tell anything to each other.
  • Minny’s interactions with Hilly are hilarious and I enjoyed every bit of it.
  • I also love the little feud that Minny has with Hilly and how it grew to a big one at the end.
  • Minny’s secret job with her new boss Celia was quite intriguing and the way that Celia pleaded with Minny to keep it a secret from her husband was quite interesting.
  • It was amusing that Celia didn’t know how to cook much and Minny had to teach her so she could impress her husband.
  • I love the comments from Minny’s perspective towards Celia as she navigates her house and her tasks.
  • It really scared me when Celia’s husband found out about Minny but didn’t mind it and actually appreciated her for the cooking.
  • It was heartbreaking to find out that Celia had a miscarriage previously and she didn’t want to disappoint her husband.
  • I love Skeeter wanting to be an author and wanting to write about important things that mattered to her and society itself.
  • I like the conflict in Skeeter’s mind when she meets a guy her friend sets her up with as she cannot tell him she’s writing a book on the experiences of black maids as that was frowned upon by the white people in the town.
  • I enjoy her rebellion against her mother because she didn’t want to be like her mother.
  • I like the first conversation between her and the guy as she did not care for his jerky attitude.
  • I like that he apologised to her and she gave him a second chance and they were good together and had grown.
  • I like that she was opposed to Hilly’s suggestion of toilets in the garage for the maids.
  • I love the main plot of Skeeter’s book along with Aibileen’s job and with Minny’s family and secret job.
  • I also love the side plots of the feud between Minny and Hilly and the horrible events that white people did to black people in the neighbourhood.
  • The drama between Hilly and Celia was really good especially in the scene of the donation event night.

A little hint: I’m probably going to do pretty long book reviews for the majority of my book blog. Not all but mostly. 🙂 

Overall this book was really good and it explained the situation based on the time then really well. 

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Don’t You Cry!!


Hi guys! I’m back to review a book that I got for my birthday this year which is called Don’t You Cry by Cass Green

Whole Summary:

It’s about this woman named Nina who gets trapped in her own home by 2 people Angel and Lucas who are siblings and she has to endure the scary situation and she has to learn to do things that she thought she would never do in her life.

My book review:

  • I loved that the whole situation stemmed from this whole favour thing between Angel and Nina when she had a really bad blind date.
  • I love that Angel is the type of person who is the opposite from her name like it’s just so ironic.
  • Lucas, on the other hand is just so broken like he wants to do the right thing but he’s been mentally and physically abused by Nick that he feels like he’s useless but he wants to help people especially women who have been abused by Nick.
  • Nina grew throughout the book as a person and she faced challenges on the way as a mother which involved her son Sam.
  • I really liked that the author made this to tell the public in general about partners and/or ex-partners who have been emotionally and/or physically abusing their partners. And I liked that she included a hotline for people in need of help with domestic abuse.
  • Nina, Angel and Lucas’s thought processes throughout the novel was interesting to read, the maternal mind set of Nina, the ruthless impulses of Angel and the damaged mentality of Lucas.
  • One mind set that I didn’t expect from the book was Nick’s mindset but it was intriguing to see how Nick felt towards the end with Nina meeting him and the struggle in the bedroom.
  • It was riveting to see the flashbacks from Lucas’s and Angel’s childhood revolving around their mom Marianne and how their father died when they were really small and how Nick came into their lives before wrecking it.
  • We also get to see both of the relationships that Angel and Lucas had with Nick, Angel’s being more fiery and Lucas being more timid.
  • We also see how Lucas and Alice’s situation came to be throughout the book and Lucas’s urge to protect Alice from Nick and what he did to Marianne.
  • It was fascinating to see Nick’s charm in making the women who meet him think that they’re useless and that he’s a good person but deep down he was and still is a monster.
  • There’s a compelling contrast between Nick’s seemingly pleasant presence in the media versus Angel’s and Lucas’s broken-down demeanor which is played around a lot in the book as a way to increase the tension of the situation.
  • I relate a lot to Nina’s obsessive research into Nick’s background and his actions over the media as I would have done the same thing researching someone or something.
  • I love how Nina and Angel’s relationship turns from an attacker and hostage situation to acquaintances and then to friends at the end and Nina being a motherly advisor to Angel.
  • Angel and Lucas’s brother and sister relationship is complex and we can see that through the flashbacks, from their personalities all the way to their actions. Their relationship to Marianne is also different.
  • It was quite nice to break away from the main plot and to delve into the personal lives of the characters such as Nina’s struggle with keeping a platonic relationship with her ex-husband Ian and their son Sam, Angel’s bumpy relationship with her boyfriend Leon, and Lucas’s previous situation before Alice and Nick.
  • Zach was cute and it was interesting to see the complexities of being a mother as presented by Nina.
  • It was compelling to read Nina and Marina’s conversation relating to her previous relationship with Nick and you can see that she was hesitating revisiting a dark past that she never wants to experience again which is understandable.
  • It was sad to realise that he’s never gonna understand the situation he was in and he is going to grow up without a mother which is devastating.

My apologies for making such a long review of the book. I just wanted to spill my thoughts on the book and all the interesting parts that I came across when reading it. 

Overall this book was great to read and insightful and I hope they make a second book to make another storyline revolving around Nina, Angel and Lucas, maybe adding in a side plot for Angel’s baby.

Comment down below which character you loved the most and whether you would like a second book or not!

Also comment down below any more thoughts that you had from reading the book that I haven’t mentioned yet.

Fans Of The Impossible Life

Hi guys! I am back to review another book that I got for my birthday which is called “Fans Of The Impossible Life” by Kate Scelsa.

Whole Summary for:

It’s got three points of view- first is from a girl named Mina who is our main character who is trying to start over at St Francis Prep and promises herself that she would at least try to pretend that she’s a normal girl. Next is her gay best friend Sebby who was raised in a home with other kids like him and has a complicated life and keeps dropping out of schools and keeps getting into trouble. Last is a shy boy named Jeremy who is an art nerd and doesn’t have many friends until he meets Mina and Sebby on his first day back.

This book revolves around mostly Mira, Sebby, and Jeremy who gets drawn into Mira and Sebby’s world and how they act around other people and to each other. He becomes very close to them and there is a major emotional event that the three of them get sucked into and it’s got such an interesting ending to it. 

My book review for Book 2:

  • This was a really interesting book to read and the cover is really nice for the paperback version. 
  • The characters were compelling to read and their individual personalities contrasting with each other. 
  • I liked the POV of Sebby as it was written in a second-person view and we could see into his thoughts and feelings. 
  • It was fun to read into Mira’s hobby of thrift shopping with Sebby and the troubles they have in the mall.
  • It was really deep for this book to dive into dark themes such as self-harm, the possibility of homelessness, drugs, etc. 
  • It was fascinating to see a glimpse of a possible relationship between Sebby and Jeremy. 
  • I love how Mira, Sebby, and Jeremy get closer throughout the book and that Mira and Jeremy stay friends at the end.
  • The other characters’ interactions with the main characters were amusing to read and added to the development of the plot of the book.  

Overall this book was great and I really liked the close friendship of Mira, Sebby, and Jeremy and the other friendships they had with other people and enemies. 

Comment down below which characters you love the most!!

A Place Called Perfect

Hi guys! I am back to review a book that I got for my birthday which is called “A Place Called Perfect” by Helena Duggan.

Whole Summary:

It’s about this girl named Violet who moves into a town called Perfect because her dad has found an opportunity for his optometry business there. At first, Violet senses something that doesn’t feel right because her mom is getting strange each day, she is hearing voices in the town, she has to wear glasses to prevent going blind and she has to be perfect and there are rules to being perfect at her school and everywhere else in town. Then there are the 2 optometry brothers named Mr. Edward and George Archer. There’s something strange about the brothers that Violet immediately notices. She also meets another person named Boy who can’t remember his own name. Together they find out dark secrets about the town and what the brothers are doing to the people. Then they get help from a person who knows the secrets but lives as a hermit. 

Then they build a machine that will help the people in the town get back to normal and then they pursue the brothers but they get away. 

My book review for:

  • I loved the concept of the book. It’s very interesting to see what the brothers were doing to the people of the town and how Violet’s mum was affected by this too. 
  • I liked the friendship between Violet and Boy and how they trusted each other with their weaknesses and strengths. 
  • It was awful to read how Boy couldn’t remember his name and there was a whole society of ‘shadow’ people that were hidden away from the rest of the town because they knew too much about the brothers’ secrets. 
  • The cover is really nice for the paperback version.

Overall this book was great to read and I hope they make a second book to conclude if they caught the Archer brothers or not. 

Comment down below which character you love the most and whether you would like a second book or not!

The Magic Misfits 3

Hi guys, back again! Today I will be talking about the 3rd book in The Magic Misfits series- The Magic Misfits 3 The Minor Third.

In this one, we also get 2 plots- one is a glimpse into another misfit named Theo Stein-Meyer and the other is the Misfits investigating a ventriloquist named 

Whole Summary:

1st plot- Wendel Whispers And His Darling Dummy, Darling Daniel

The Magic Misfits were improving their magic routine for the talent show and they get interrupted by news that a creepy ventriloquist named Wendel Whispers is coming to Mineral Wells for a show at the hotel. They get suspicious, think he is a bad guy, a part of the Emerald Ring and they go on an adventure to accuse the guy. Instead, they find out they’re wrong and he’s innocent. However, from this, they find out that Kalagan will soon be coming for them and they have to be prepared and they might have to break up for their protection. 

2nd plot- A glimpse into Theo Stein-Meyer’s life

In this book, we enter Theo’s story as we see him go through his everyday life. We see him as a child of a prodigious family of musicians which includes his mom( Mrs.Stein-Meyer) and dad (Mr.Stein-Meyer), and his older siblings (Cleopatra, Giovanni, Leonard, and Fiona). We see that he feels a lot of pressure to live up to his family’s accomplishments and we see that they do not approve of his magic talents and only want him to practice his music. 

We also see his interactions with Emily Meridian who seems to intrigue him. 

My book review:

1st plot-

  •  I liked the beginning of the book with all of the Misfits improving their acts for the talent show. It was quite surprising that the bullies made a comeback to disturb them but it was awesome that Emily fought against them. The ventriloquist’s dummy was quite okay but a dummy in real life would be really creepy.

2nd plot- 

  • It was quite intriguing to see the interactions between Theo and his family and his family with each other.

I quite liked that they all had really cool names and nicknames and they all had a different musical talent- 

  1. Leo/the oldest who played cello in an orchestra in New York City. 
  2. Gio/second oldest who was the bass guitarist in a popular wedding band outside San Fransico. 
  3. Cleo /middle sibling. She taught piano at a prestigious music school in Boston.
  4. Fiona/ the youngest. She sang mezzo-soprano in operas all around the world. 
  • I love the part where Theo comes home to find his family playing together as an orchestra and he joins in too. Such a cute family moment!
  • I can relate to Theo trying to live up to his family’s accomplishments and him not wanting to be a failure. I can relate to him listing out his sibling’s accomplishments and trying to be like them. 
  • I can also relate to Theo feeling warm inside when he’s with Emily but I cannot relate to him speaking without any difficulty around her. 
  • I think Ridley was jealous when Theo invited Emily into the group because she’s been close with Theo for a long time before all the Misfits met each other.  I guess I can relate to her like you would get a bit jealous when your friend has found a new friend and talking with them more often.
  • I like that in the end they decide its better for them to separate so they’re better protected from Kalagan when he comes soon. I also liked that they kept in touch with each other through letters so they can keep up to date with each other. 
  • I was quite sad that Emily had to leave town with her dad but he probably did it to protect her which I understand. 

Overall this was a good book with a mostly friendship and family aspect to it. I can’t wait for the next book!

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