Life In Outer Space

Hi guys! Back again with another review. Today I will be reviewing a book called Life In Outer Space by Melissa Keil. This book is about a boy named Sam who is a geek and is completely fine with it. Then comes Camilla Carter who changes his whole life forever.


My book review:

  • The Sam character is very interesting.
  • I love his film references especially his top 10 lists.
  • His friends are hilarious.
  • Loved his friends Mike and Adrian
  • I like how Mike came out casually to his friends and they don’t mind it or make a really big deal about it.
  • I disliked Justin at the beginning but when Camilla came in, he became tolerable in the middle and at the end.
  • I like how Camilla can seamlessly talk to anyone and everyone at the school and doesn’t mind how she appears to people.
  • I also like how she is big in the music industry but isn’t like a show-off when it comes to it.
  • I felt bad for Sam and his storyline with his split parents but it was nice for Sam to resolve the strained relationship between him and his dad
  • And in return, his dad gave him some good advice for his situation with Allison in the middle of the story.
  • I loved the costumes they were wearing at the end, especially Sam’s stormtrooper outfit.
  • It’s quite interesting to see the familial relationship between Camilla and her band friends although they’re quite older than her.
  • Adrian is so freaking funny and a great friend to both Sam and Mike like when Justin calls Mike a gay boy at the beginning, Adrian is ready to defend him.
  • I like that Sam invited Allison to the prom with him and they are still good friends despite the awkward situation between them earlier in the story and it’s refreshing to see a boy and girl friend dynamic that doesn’t automatically turn into a romantic relationship.
  • Sam and Camilla on the other hand, are an interesting dynamic. Sam meets Camilla and isn’t immediately attracted to her but is interested in her interests and points of view about the world. The same with Camilla as she appreciates Sam and his friends as they aren’t being friends with her just so they can get the numbers of celebrities and instead are just cool people to hang out with.
  • The end is something you would definitely see in a rom-com and it’s quite funny that Sam although he’s not into rom-coms, he has a rom-com style ending to his relationship with Camilla which turns from strangers to friends to boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • Camilla’s outfits were so cute!!!
  • I really liked that Mike found a guy he likes.
  • Mike’s plot with the karate center was really nice and it was good to see the resolution of that plot and how it related to Mike’s future at the end.
  • It was interesting to see Allison’s relationship with her brothers and how they go see movies.
  • It would’ve been nice to see a bit more into Adrian’s family life.
  • I can relate to Sam’s struggle with writing his screenplays and trying to write a great story and discarding them after one go.
  • Sam’s way of trying to get Mike to open up about his troubles was sweet in mind but bad and painful in execution. But in the end he’s a really great friend.

Overall this was a sweet book and I loved the cover. 

Comment down below which part of the book was your favourite!

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