A Place Called Perfect

Hi guys! I am back to review a book that I got for my birthday which is called “A Place Called Perfect” by Helena Duggan.

Whole Summary:

It’s about this girl named Violet who moves into a town called Perfect because her dad has found an opportunity for his optometry business there. At first, Violet senses something that doesn’t feel right because her mom is getting strange each day, she is hearing voices in the town, she has to wear glasses to prevent going blind and she has to be perfect and there are rules to being perfect at her school and everywhere else in town. Then there are the 2 optometry brothers named Mr. Edward and George Archer. There’s something strange about the brothers that Violet immediately notices. She also meets another person named Boy who can’t remember his own name. Together they find out dark secrets about the town and what the brothers are doing to the people. Then they get help from a person who knows the secrets but lives as a hermit. 

Then they build a machine that will help the people in the town get back to normal and then they pursue the brothers but they get away. 

My book review for:

  • I loved the concept of the book. It’s very interesting to see what the brothers were doing to the people of the town and how Violet’s mum was affected by this too. 
  • I liked the friendship between Violet and Boy and how they trusted each other with their weaknesses and strengths. 
  • It was awful to read how Boy couldn’t remember his name and there was a whole society of ‘shadow’ people that were hidden away from the rest of the town because they knew too much about the brothers’ secrets. 
  • The cover is really nice for the paperback version.

Overall this book was great to read and I hope they make a second book to conclude if they caught the Archer brothers or not. 

Comment down below which character you love the most and whether you would like a second book or not!


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