Fans Of The Impossible Life

Hi guys! I am back to review another book that I got for my birthday which is called “Fans Of The Impossible Life” by Kate Scelsa.

Whole Summary for:

It’s got three points of view- first is from a girl named Mina who is our main character who is trying to start over at St Francis Prep and promises herself that she would at least try to pretend that she’s a normal girl. Next is her gay best friend Sebby who was raised in a home with other kids like him and has a complicated life and keeps dropping out of schools and keeps getting into trouble. Last is a shy boy named Jeremy who is an art nerd and doesn’t have many friends until he meets Mina and Sebby on his first day back.

This book revolves around mostly Mira, Sebby, and Jeremy who gets drawn into Mira and Sebby’s world and how they act around other people and to each other. He becomes very close to them and there is a major emotional event that the three of them get sucked into and it’s got such an interesting ending to it. 

My book review for Book 2:

  • This was a really interesting book to read and the cover is really nice for the paperback version. 
  • The characters were compelling to read and their individual personalities contrasting with each other. 
  • I liked the POV of Sebby as it was written in a second-person view and we could see into his thoughts and feelings. 
  • It was fun to read into Mira’s hobby of thrift shopping with Sebby and the troubles they have in the mall.
  • It was really deep for this book to dive into dark themes such as self-harm, the possibility of homelessness, drugs, etc. 
  • It was fascinating to see a glimpse of a possible relationship between Sebby and Jeremy. 
  • I love how Mira, Sebby, and Jeremy get closer throughout the book and that Mira and Jeremy stay friends at the end.
  • The other characters’ interactions with the main characters were amusing to read and added to the development of the plot of the book.  

Overall this book was great and I really liked the close friendship of Mira, Sebby, and Jeremy and the other friendships they had with other people and enemies. 

Comment down below which characters you love the most!!

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