Don’t You Cry!!

Hi guys! I’m back to review a book that I got for my birthday this year which is called Don’t You Cry by Cass Green

Whole Summary:

It’s about this woman named Nina who gets trapped in her own home by 2 people Angel and Lucas who are siblings and she has to endure the scary situation and she has to learn to do things that she thought she would never do in her life.

My book review:

  • I loved that the whole situation stemmed from this whole favour thing between Angel and Nina when she had a really bad blind date.
  • I love that Angel is the type of person who is the opposite from her name like it’s just so ironic.
  • Lucas, on the other hand is just so broken like he wants to do the right thing but he’s been mentally and physically abused by Nick that he feels like he’s useless but he wants to help people especially women who have been abused by Nick.
  • Nina grew throughout the book as a person and she faced challenges on the way as a mother which involved her son Sam.
  • I really liked that the author made this to tell the public in general about partners and/or ex-partners who have been emotionally and/or physically abusing their partners. And I liked that she included a hotline for people in need of help with domestic abuse.
  • Nina, Angel and Lucas’s thought processes throughout the novel was interesting to read, the maternal mind set of Nina, the ruthless impulses of Angel and the damaged mentality of Lucas.
  • One mind set that I didn’t expect from the book was Nick’s mindset but it was intriguing to see how Nick felt towards the end with Nina meeting him and the struggle in the bedroom.
  • It was riveting to see the flashbacks from Lucas’s and Angel’s childhood revolving around their mom Marianne and how their father died when they were really small and how Nick came into their lives before wrecking it.
  • We also get to see both of the relationships that Angel and Lucas had with Nick, Angel’s being more fiery and Lucas being more timid.
  • We also see how Lucas and Alice’s situation came to be throughout the book and Lucas’s urge to protect Alice from Nick and what he did to Marianne.
  • It was fascinating to see Nick’s charm in making the women who meet him think that they’re useless and that he’s a good person but deep down he was and still is a monster.
  • There’s a compelling contrast between Nick’s seemingly pleasant presence in the media versus Angel’s and Lucas’s broken-down demeanor which is played around a lot in the book as a way to increase the tension of the situation.
  • I relate a lot to Nina’s obsessive research into Nick’s background and his actions over the media as I would have done the same thing researching someone or something.
  • I love how Nina and Angel’s relationship turns from an attacker and hostage situation to acquaintances and then to friends at the end and Nina being a motherly advisor to Angel.
  • Angel and Lucas’s brother and sister relationship is complex and we can see that through the flashbacks, from their personalities all the way to their actions. Their relationship to Marianne is also different.
  • It was quite nice to break away from the main plot and to delve into the personal lives of the characters such as Nina’s struggle with keeping a platonic relationship with her ex-husband Ian and their son Sam, Angel’s bumpy relationship with her boyfriend Leon, and Lucas’s previous situation before Alice and Nick.
  • Zach was cute and it was interesting to see the complexities of being a mother as presented by Nina.
  • It was compelling to read Nina and Marina’s conversation relating to her previous relationship with Nick and you can see that she was hesitating revisiting a dark past that she never wants to experience again which is understandable.
  • It was sad to realise that he’s never gonna understand the situation he was in and he is going to grow up without a mother which is devastating.

My apologies for making such a long review of the book. I just wanted to spill my thoughts on the book and all the interesting parts that I came across when reading it. 

Overall this book was great to read and insightful and I hope they make a second book to make another storyline revolving around Nina, Angel and Lucas, maybe adding in a side plot for Angel’s baby.

Comment down below which character you loved the most and whether you would like a second book or not!

Also comment down below any more thoughts that you had from reading the book that I haven’t mentioned yet.

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