COVID-19 Outbreak!!


I know this is super super late but I want to say this to people who are reading this. It’s the end of the year 2020 which has been super sucky for all of us due to various sucky reasons, the big one being an outbreak of a virus called COVID-19. This virus has spread all around the world, causing chaos and unforeseen circumstances that aren’t convenient for people.

Besides this, the rising of COVID-19 has thus led to new and different changes that we must adapt to if we want to stop this in 2021.

One of the new changes is the use of face masks. If we want to stop this, we must wear a face mask in public, wherever we go, no matter what time it is. They are affordable, there are plenty to go around and they come in various sizes, colours and designs. If we don’t do this, we are being ignorant and the world doesn’t have time for that.

Another new change is sanitisers. If you are at a place that doesn’t have a bathroom, use a sanitiser instead. They are lightweight, portable and you can get some pretty ones for a collection. Just like the masks, if we don’t use this, we are contributing to the rise of COVID-19.

On the other hand, if there are bathrooms available,you can just wash your hands. It’s easy and doesn’t take a lot of time. This will kill off germs and leave you healthy.

The third change is the limit on gatherings, whether family or friends. This goes for work meetings too. If it is absolutely crucial, then it is fine but you need to show a slip for it if your area has a procedure. If you are not respecting these rules, you are going to be a danger for other people.

Another note to this is that you can avoid crowds also. This can be applied to grocery shopping, family gatherings and more. A solution to this is online shopping. Nowadays there are a ton of apps and services that allow you to shop for essentials or for your wants. This can allow you to be safe from big crowds and keep you healthy while in your house.

The fourth change is the physical distancing between people. People must distance themselves at least 1-2 metres apart from each other. This is for the benefit of you, your friend and other people so you don’t get sick.

Please do not think these rules are for your discomfort. These rules are for everyone’s safety, health and overall benefit.

To end on a good note, I hope all of you reading this have a good day, be safe, stay healthy, and make sure to follow the rules.


Write down in the comments if you’ve heard of different rules in your area and other solutions to these changes.

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