Pride + Prejudice + Zombies

Wassup guys! I’m back to review a graphic novel which is called “Pride + Prejudice + Zombies” which is based on the novel by Jane Austen & Seth Grahame- Smith, adapted by Tony Lee, and illustrated by Cliff Richards. 

Whole Summary:

It’s about the Bennet girls, their family, and their journey through the zombie apocalypse. 

My book review:

  • I love Elizabeth Bennet and her character in the story. She has such a strong, fearless, intelligent personality and takes no crap from anyone. 
  • I love that her sisters call her Lizzie. 
  • I love the enemies to lovers trope in this book between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. 
  • I love the gory images of them killing the zombies. 
  • I felt bad for Charlotte who admitted to Elizabeth that she got bitten by a zombie and is now infected but it’s bittersweet that she wants to spend her last months with her husband before turning. 
  • I like that Mr. Darcy redeemed himself in the middle of the book.
  • When Lady Catherine De Bourgh made her first appearance I thought she was a little too proud of herself for being the greatest female zombie slayer in Britain and was a little hesitant of Elizabeth’s fighting skills. Afterwards at the end of the book Elizabeth and Lady Catherine had a duel because of Lady Catherine’s insults towards Elizabeth’s family and supposed inferiority. 
  • To be honest I would also be angry and challenge her to a duel. Thankfully she ends the duel for her dignity. 
  • I love that the sisters care so much for each other and support each other in their endeavors. 
  • I absolutely love that they did a retelling of the book with zombies and they incorporated it into a movie along with the original Pride and Prejudice novel and movie.
  • I like that they trained in the deadly arts and they’re not your typical girly princesses. 
  • I like that they call zombies as “unmentionables” or “dreadfuls” or call the event “the strange plague”.
  • I loved all the plotlines in the book as it was all related to each other in a big or small way. 

Overall this book was great to read and I love the pictures!!

Comment down below which character you loved the most!

Also, comment down below any more thoughts that you had from reading the book that I haven’t mentioned yet.

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