Chemical Hearts

Hi guys! It is now 2021 and I’m here to review a book for the start of 2021 which is called Chemicals Hearts by Krystal Sutherland and which is a movie as well.

Whole Summary:

It’s about this boy named Henry Page who wants to experience heart-stopping, breathtaking love at first sight. However a new student and girl comes into his high school named Grace Town who Henry falls for but isn’t your typical girl crush. She wears oversized boy clothes, carries a cane and smells like she hasn’t showered. After they both meet in the newspaper room where both of them write for the school’s newspaper they start a relationship which is raw, complicated and unique. 

My book review:

  • I love Henry’s friends Lola and Murray and their friendship together.
  • I love that Grace is labeled as an enigma throughout the book and she has interesting quirks.
  • I like that we see all of this through Henry’s eyes and his perspective on all the people in his life.
  • His sister Sadie was hilarious and it was interesting and insightful to listen to what she had to say to Henry about his supposed parents being an “in love” married couple and the obstacles they faced.
  • I love the communication that Henry has with his parents. The dialogue was great and I found myself laughing at it.
  • Lola’s personality is amazing and I love her friendship with Henry and that she keeps him grounded and makes sure his judgement isn’t clouded when he begins a relationship with Grace.
  • Murray on the other hand is also amazing and his hardcore Australian side.
  • I love that he has inside jokes with his friends and that he has known them for a long time and has an individual past with both of them.
  • I like that Grace shows Henry her secret hideout and her feeding the koi fish and he does as well.
  • It was quite interesting to see that Henry could only talk well when he’s writing and Grace can talk well when she’s talking and it creates an interesting mirror or parallel moment between them.
  • I liked the part where Henry, Sadie, Lola and Murray went on a secret mission to see where Grace had always gone after she drops off Henry at his house which turns to be a graveyard where later in the book, Henry finds out it’s the grave of Dominic.
  • It was quite fascinating to read about Lola’s opinion of Grace and how she first assumed she was an MPDG, a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, a girl meant to fix someone preferably a boy who’s troubled in some way and I had to search it up to be honest and I get why she said that.
  • It was so sad to read in the climax that she had a previous boyfriend named Dominic who she loved so much and that they were both in a car crash and only she survived.
  • It was emotional reading the part where Henry stumbles onto the fact that she still lives with Dominic’s parents, in their house and that she sleeps in his bedroom, wearing his clothes.
  • It was thrilling to read the part where Grace is missing one day and Dominic’s parents are really worried and Henry knows where she’s gone and when he goes down to the koi pond he sees Grace in a white dress and she’s standing inside the pond and Henry tells Grace that she is suffering from survivor’s guilt as she cannot bear with the loss of Dominic and that she thinks she’s the one that should’ve died since she was the one who caused it, and not him. Also when she said that they were going to marry one day, that was quite cute.
  • Grace wasn’t an MPDG in my opinion. She was just broken literally by her limp from her leg and metaphorically as she cannot move on from the death of her boyfriend.
  • Grace’s mom was mostly absent in the book due to alcohol/drugs etc but we did get a glimpse of her in the middle and now I get why Grace wanted to live with her boyfriend.
  • Other than the main plot, we did get to see some fun parts like the school parts such as the school newspaper getting published, Henry, Grace and his friends just hanging out in his basement, new friends, relationship problems with the friends and the classes.
  • I really like that they added LGBTQIA representation in the book such as Lola’s sexuality as a lesbian.
  • It was heartbreaking to read the part where Henry is watching Grace on the school field trying to walk without her cane but she can’t and she screams in anger. It really made the part emotional.

My movie review:

  • The movie did follow the book mostly with some differences but did keep the original plot which is good.
  • Grace was played by Lili Reinhart a phenomenal actress and Henry was played by Austin Abrams a phenomenal actor.
  • Grace has a limp both in the book and the movie and one suggestion I could make is to actually hire an actress with a limp to make it authentic but no offense to Lili, she did amazing.
  • The movie itself was amazing and it captured the emotions of both Henry and Grace when they were in a relationship.

Overall this book was really good and I enjoyed it a lot. The book cover looked so pretty and a bit minimalistic with the fishes on it. 

Comment down below which character you loved the most !

Also, comment down below any more thoughts that you had from reading the book that I haven’t mentioned yet.

Also, comment down below scenes from the book or movie that you liked or didn’t liked.

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