the Help

Hi guys! I’m back to review a book which is called the Help by Kathryn Stockett

Whole Summary:

It’s about three women named Aibileen, Skeeter and Minny. Aibileen’s a black maid who’s raising her 17th white child and is nursing the hurt caused by her own son’s tragic death. Minny is also a black maid whose cooking is nearly as sassy as her tongue. Skeeter is a white woman who comes back home from college and wants to know why her beloved maid has disappeared. All 3 of them however each have a story to tell and no one would believe they were friends. This story is about all 3 of their paths becoming intertwined and together they have an amazing story to tell….

My book review:

  • I love how one encounter from Miss Skeeter to Aibileen could result in her writing her own experiences aka her story and her telling everyone she knows that they have a once in a lifetime opportunity to tell their story and possibly change the perspective of the town they live in.
  • Minny is suspicious at first and doesn’t trust Skeeter at first but considers the offer at hand a bit in the middle of the book and takes a leap of faith at it.
  • I love how Minny and Skeeter’s relationship has grown from strangers to acquaintances to friends. It warms my heart and I love their little convos and Minny’s remarks to Skeeter.
  • I could say that Aibileen’s personality is calm, respectful, sweet, and nurturing to her white child Mae Mobley.
  • Minny’s is brash, feisty, and confident.
  • Skeeter’s is more reserved, opinionated, determined, and independent.
  • I love Mae Mobley’s personal attachment to Aibileen and I especially love that Aibileen tells her about the difference and similarities between black and white people in the form of a story and that Mae doesn’t feel threatened by Aibileen at all.
  • I love the perspectives of all the characters in the book especially Aibileen, Minny, and Skeeters.
  • It was so sad to read about Aibileen’s backstory and her son’s devastating death.
  • I was fascinated by Minny’s family and her interactions with her husband and her children.
  • I absolutely love Aibileen and Minny’s friendship and that they can tell anything to each other.
  • Minny’s interactions with Hilly are hilarious and I enjoyed every bit of it.
  • I also love the little feud that Minny has with Hilly and how it grew to a big one at the end.
  • Minny’s secret job with her new boss Celia was quite intriguing and the way that Celia pleaded with Minny to keep it a secret from her husband was quite interesting.
  • It was amusing that Celia didn’t know how to cook much and Minny had to teach her so she could impress her husband.
  • I love the comments from Minny’s perspective towards Celia as she navigates her house and her tasks.
  • It really scared me when Celia’s husband found out about Minny but didn’t mind it and actually appreciated her for the cooking.
  • It was heartbreaking to find out that Celia had a miscarriage previously and she didn’t want to disappoint her husband.
  • I love Skeeter wanting to be an author and wanting to write about important things that mattered to her and society itself.
  • I like the conflict in Skeeter’s mind when she meets a guy her friend sets her up with as she cannot tell him she’s writing a book on the experiences of black maids as that was frowned upon by the white people in the town.
  • I enjoy her rebellion against her mother because she didn’t want to be like her mother.
  • I like the first conversation between her and the guy as she did not care for his jerky attitude.
  • I like that he apologised to her and she gave him a second chance and they were good together and had grown.
  • I like that she was opposed to Hilly’s suggestion of toilets in the garage for the maids.
  • I love the main plot of Skeeter’s book along with Aibileen’s job and with Minny’s family and secret job.
  • I also love the side plots of the feud between Minny and Hilly and the horrible events that white people did to black people in the neighbourhood.
  • The drama between Hilly and Celia was really good especially in the scene of the donation event night.

A little hint: I’m probably going to do pretty long book reviews for the majority of my book blog. Not all but mostly. 🙂 

Overall this book was really good and it explained the situation based on the time then really well. 

Comment down below which character you loved the most !

Also, comment down below any more thoughts that you had from reading the book that I haven’t mentioned yet.

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